Service & Rates

Schedule of Water Rates – Metered Accounts in Gallons

Size of MeterService AllowanceService Charge
5/8 inch875$18.46
3/4 inch875$18.46
1 inch875$46.14
1.5 inch4,989$92.29
2 inch4,989$147.66
3 inch4,989$295.32
4 inch4,989$461.44
6 inch4,989$922.88
8 inch4,989$1,476.61
10 inch4,989$6,367.87

All metered customers shall pay a service charge which will be governed by the size of the meter installed, and the service charge shall entitle the customer to use water to the allowance of the service charge.

Meter Quantity Charge Subject to the above minimum chargesRate per Gallon
First 875 Gallons per MonthService Charge
Next 4,114 Gallons per Month$0.00977273
Next 49,862 Gallons per Month$0.00665775
All over 54,851 Gallons per Month$0.00463924

Approved November 21, 2012 for all bills rendered on and after December 1, 2012

Gallons as of March 19, 2014